Indian Premier League is one of the allurings of the cricket event of the cricket world. There is no other cricket event can e compare with this event according to the status and financial scale.  Every big cricket star is looking for the chance to play in the Indian Premier League. Australian fast bowler, Mitchell Starc is not different from it. But bad luck is that he cannot play the Indian Premier League for the second time. So, Mitchell Starc filed the case for compensation to the IPL.

Considering the fact of the world cup 2019, Australian cricket board doesn’t allow  Mitchell Starc to play in this IPL Indian Premier League. There is no chance to raise any objection by Mitchell Starc. But This pacer has filed the lawsuit in the year 2018 with the IPL contract. that time there was the scramble to take Mitchell Starc between the teams.

The case mentioned that

Starc gave the Premium of 97 thousand 920 dollars from 27th February to 31st March.

Starc asserted that he felt pain in the right thigh. 

The plaintiff got a sudden pain in the right thigh by telling an uneven footer on the injured wicket. In the next bowling session and the next Test, the pain also increased. As a result, the plaintiff could not play the fourth Test.

The medical team of the insurance company tested Mitchell Starc and past injuries were listed. This fact is now taken as the shield for the insurance company in this case.

It is said in the petition,

There has been a discussion between the two parties on the demand of the leader, which resulted in a final response from the defendant on November 22, 2018. The e-mail says that the plaintiff thinks the plaintiff does not claim to get disability money.

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