Paysafe Group Limited is a multinational online payments company founded in 1996. Paysafe Group Limited is formerly known as ”Optimal Payments PLC”. The group consists of its own Paysafe brand and several subsidiaries like Neteller, Skrill, Paysafecard, etc.

Neteller is an e-money transfer service founded by the Paysafe Group since 1999. It can withdraw funds outright using the net+ card or transact the balance to their own bank accounts.

Skrill is also an e-commerce business which allows transfer money or payments through the internet. Skrill was formerly known as ”Moneybookers”. It was founded and operated by the Skrill Limited – a UK based company. In 2015, Paysafe Group brought it and it becomes a subsidiary of this company.

Neteller Service of Paysafe Closing Down Effectively in the USA, 28th June 2019

The Neteller service activated in the USA since 2014 and Neteller’s mother company Paysafe Group announced that after 28 June 2019, they will stop providing Neteller service to the people of USA. Neteller will no more to serve in the USA.

Paysafe Group announced that they will stop Neteller service from 28 June and they will be partnering with Skrill to provide better quality features and services.

As Paysafe is shutting down all activities of Neteller in the USA, the questions raise how it can influence the rest of the Neteller user who is using Neteller for long in there? This question is not unexpected as most of the users can raise concerns about what will happen to their account after June 28.

How Neteller”s shut down make an influence among the users?

Paysafe Group is closing down its services from June 28 in order to provide services through Skrill. Questions can be raised about how it can affect the rest of the users of Neteller. Paysafe group announced users will find no problem in using the funds in their account by using the Net+ Discover card for ATM withdrawals somewhen the Net+ Discover card is permitted. Users are requested to go through the following link to continue to manage their accounts.

Neteller is one of the most popular online transaction system
Neteller is one of the most popular online transaction systems

How about new users 

New users who want to open an account on Neteller are strongly recommended to open an account on Skrill. They don’t have to be confused a bit as Paysafe Group promised Skrill will be featured with more impressive quality and components.

Advantages of Using Skrill

A payment gateway usually an application available in an e-commerce business site that helps the customer site to connect clients offering an account with a website account.

For those users who are worried about shifting Neteller to Skrill, there’s good news for you and the news is Skrill has better features and overall better quality than Neteller though Neteller also empowers top-notch features. Here are a few big advantages of using Skrill.

  • Skrill never allows any credit card to charge payments. It helps users to avoid credit card fraud.
  • Skrill has been successfully established relations with the banks of many countries which makes it a very trustworthy online money transaction giants across the world.
  • Skrill is associated with the large numbers of local banks and that’s the reason users get huge freedom when it comes to transacting money.
  • Most of the online payment gateways take a very long time for security clearance. Therefore, users have to wait long for using their credit cards. Skrill takes a very short time for security clearance and people easily can transact money in a very little period of time.
  • High-turnover members of Skrill offered for Skrill VIP program. Skrill VIP and loyalty program is a very astounding service for Skrill users.
  • There’s a brand new service called Skrill prepaid Visa card is coming soon for Skrill users.
Skrill is taking the place of Neteller in US market
Skrill is taking the place of Neteller in US market.

Although Skrill has a few cons such as this is not highly justifiable in various countries to transact money and Skrill is not backed by banks when it comes to financial support, but Skrill is still the best gateway for transacting money from every angle and that’s the reason new users should pick this when it comes to the matter of money transaction.

For Regular Users

As Neteller is shut down its services in the USA from June 28, 2019, regular users can worry about what is going to happen in their Neteller account. Paysafe group assured already they don’t have to worry about it as Paysafe group will offer them much better service through Skrill. Those people who are using Neteller regularly in USA are requested to open an account on Skrill. If they want to get the benefits of the latest features, updates, and quality they are strongly suggested to open a Skrill account. If they already have a Skrill account then there’s no need to open another. Regular users who don’t have any Skrill account can open their account from the link below –

Go to the link and then follow the following processes –

  • Enter e-mail address then put a passcode
  • After selecting next fill your personal details
  • Choose your country and currency for your Skrill account
  • Fill up address, put the phone number and complete captcha challenge
  • Read the terms and conditions and lastly
  • Open your account.

After verifying the email address you can choose your desired payment methods. Enter into your Skrill account and go to upload, inside the balance section.

Regular users of the USA can also get worried about what’s gonna happen to their existing money, which they normally keep in their Neteller account. The good news is that they don’t have to face any problem to use the capitals on their Discover card for withdrawals of money through ATM. They can continue to conduct their Net+ prepaid Discover card from here –

If you want to incite a money withdrawal process you have to do the things below –

  • Enter into the Neteller account of yours
  • make a click on money withdraw section
  • Select bank withdrawal
  • After selecting bank withdrawal then go to Add a bank account.
  • Enter your bank details and after doing that confirm it.

This withdrawal section is for certain countries and the USA is not one of them. If you want to do this from the USA then you should follow the procedure for the Member wire withdrawal.

If you don’t want to spend the capital in your Neteller account you’re welcome to request termination for your account balance. You just have to pay a small amount for this. There will be a compensation fee of 10$ will be taken off from your account.

Important Notice

For regular users, you have to keep three dates on your mind.

  • June 10, 2019 – You will no longer be allowed to make any kinds of savings on your wallet.
  • June 17. 2019 – Transfers between you and the dealer will be crocked completely.
  • June 28, 2019 – The entire program will be closed.
Important notice for Neteller users
Important notice for Neteller users

Refund Policy

If you’re a new user or just open your Neteller account recently then you can withdraw money without a fee through your Net+ Discover card. On the other hand, if you used your ATM card, then you will also be able to request a take out your money too with a refund fee of $10.

Despite Neteller is switched off from the USA, none can deny it was hugely popular in there due to its sophisticated money transaction system and online gambling payments. Paysafe group already promised they are bringing new money transaction system ”Skrill” and it will possess much better features. So, the USA customers of Neteller shouldn’t be worried about a bit and get excited about what’s coming!