Former Pakistani fast bowler Waqar Yunus insists his countrymen keep up the winning formula unless the job is done. Pakistan‘s last game against South Asian minnow Afghanistan was poor and they just survived from shame through the shoulder of Imad Wasim.

Pakistani legendary bowler Waqar Yunis insists Pakistan to keep up the winning formula against Bangladesh

The win versus Afghanistan is definitely not up to the mark and somehow, they are still on the race for a semi-final spot and you can never write them off.

Pakistani legendary bowler Waqar Yunis
Waqar Yunis

Our overall history is the same for decades. Two years ago we were absolutely in a dismal situation in ICC Champions Trophy. We were beaten by India by a large margin and we also could have lost to Sri Lanka. But then we managed to turn around and win the trophy.

The last year was not particularly good for us as it didn’t bring us any good news. We were not playing up to the standards. The positive thing is we did manage to turn our luck and we are still here.

Even we look back our most glory days you can also see a similar pattern. Yes, I am saying about the 1992 World Cup – the most successful year for Pakistan’s cricket. What happened? We started the tournament very slowly and everyone didn’t count us. We turned the whole situation and won the tournament.

Will history repeat one more time for Pakistan. Waqar replied cautiously I don’t know but I know that I know that if Pakistan goes to semi-final they will be a very dangerous side to beat.

The most important thing is they have to keep the winning rhythm against Bangladesh. The match against Afghanistan was not that convincing and it was overall very poor performance.

We were really lucky to survive thanks to Imad Wasim who really deserve a huge appraisal. The main problem is that we have pure talents but really lacks a collective consistency in the game which is more important for now.

We are already found our starting XI and we should stick with this squad. There’s no need to change. It can hamper the progress and overall team spirit. Fakhar Zaman having a poor tournament but its not right time to drop him. Pakistan squad should help him to get back his best and improve his performance.

Pakistan is now confident by finding their winning formula. When the game against Bangladesh will come, we’ll know the total equation of the semi-final spot. It’s a ”do or die” situation for Pakistan and that’s the moment when Pakistan produce their best.