It was frustrating for India when they came to talk about the match at after match press conference. Rohit Sharma came to talk as a spokesman of the team. He was the only Indian batsman to scored a century yesterday. He tried really hard and pushed over his limit for India. Rohit wanted to bat as many overs as possible. But we have to bear in mind that one man alone cannot make a team victorious.

Rohit Sharma wanted to bat as many overs as possible

Rohit knew it is achievable with shorter boundaries and a good pitch to score over 300. For that, a team needs a good partnership between the batsmen. Yes, there was a good partnership after the fall of the first wicket. But somehow it was not enough to beat the Englishmen. Rohit says, the England team played a complete cricket. As they batted and bowled really well, they got a good result in the end. However, the India team did not have the X factor needed for winning against a target like 338. We can’t deny that’s a big target to reach.

On the other hand, Eoin Morgan praised Jonny Bairstow for his amazing century. Eoin said Jonny does tend to get fired up a lot and it really suits him regardless of whatever happens during the week. It’s like Jonny always has a fire waiting to erupt from his belly. Maybe Eoin just made a cautionary statement to every opponent team about his fellow teammate. They really have some talent into them that comes out when necessary.

He also added, Jonny and Jason can make a wicket seem flat at different stages and they did that through a period of 10 to  20 overs. Eoin is optimistic about their playing strategy. He believes that they have come a long way out and not playing the cricket that they have been playing for years.

Both the team’s said they have positive vibes about their next matches. They will try their best in them to achieve victory in them. Video from yesterday’s press conference is given below.

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