After Shakib Al Hasan ‘s dismissal’s from the Hardik Pandya‘s delivery, he was in deep frustration. He was in the crease and couldn’t believe his eyes what happened! Bangladesh and its fans were looking after his as he was their best hope versus India. He did score highest runs for them but failed to get on the main target which costed his team for semi-finals.

Shakib Al Hasan missed the opportunity to get the highest run-scorer tag for 2 runs

Bangladesh mercuric all-rounder Shakib Al Hasan managed to get the wicket of Rishabh Pant earlier when India was batting. This was his only wicket of the match. Shakib missed the great chance to put his name on the highest scorer of the tournament just for 2 runs.

He gets caught behind in the deep to Dinesh Kartik on Hardik Pandya’s slower delivery when he was at 66. The starting of Shakib was promising and he slowly backs Bangladesh in the game after three consecutive falls of wickets. The hope of Bangladesh was very much alive when he was on the crease.

Suddenly, he lost his rhythm and get caught behind in the deep after posted 66 from 72 balls. The chances of Bangladesh also diminished after his dismissal and he himself lost a big opportunity to put his name on highest run-scorer of the tournament as he scored 542 in 7 innings while Indian opener Rohit Sharma managed to score 544 in the same amount of innings and topple Shakib in a spectacular way.

Shakib will get another match to increase his run as Bangladesh will face Pakistan on July 5 at their last game of the tournament. The other counterparts of Shakib will get more matches than him and its clear they have the big opportunity to topple him as the tournament progress.

Although Bangladesh lost the train for semi-finals the glorious accomplishment of Shakib is really a great matter of joy for the Tigers and its gigantic fandoms.