The new stadium of the BPL 2019, becomes the turning point of the victory for Khulna Titans. So it can say that Sylhet brought the luck for Khulna Titans. Let’s take a look for the details below.

Sylhet brought the luck for Khulna Titans

After the continuous loose of the matches, Khulna Titans take the U-turn towards their first victory. Mahmudullah beats the Titans by 25 runs. 128 runs of the first innings indicate the marvelous victory. The batting of the Rajshahi Kings was not that good for their innings. On the other end, impressive bowling was served by the Khulna Titans.

Top order batsman of Rajshahi Kings, Mehedi Hasan keep his role successfully for the team. Where the question was raised on this allrounder, today he did the great batting. But the success of the captain – Mehedi Hasan cannot become the inspiration for the team.

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