Sylhet Sixers are going to play against with Rajshahi Kings at 30th Jan 2019. Here is the Sylhet Sixers vs Rajshahi Kings, BPL 2019, 38th match prediction. T20 match will start from 12:30 PM GMT / 06:30 PM LOCAL.

Sylhet Sixers vs Rajshahi Kings, BPL 2019 – 38th Match – Prediction:

Sylhet Sixers

David Warner

Rajshahi Kings

Mehedi Hasan

Sylhet Sixers vs Rajshahi Kings Match Prediction
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Sylhet Sixers 40%
Rajshahi Kings 60%

Rajshahi Kings can be the winner.

Rajshahi Kings won 5 out of 10 matches.

Sylhet Sixers won 4 out of 10 matches.

Rangpur Riders – 10 points.

Sylhet Sixers –  8 points.

Rajshahi Kings lost last time out and sit just outside the top five with five wins and Five defeats so far.

Laurie Evans has hit his best form Rajshahi Kings lately. This T20 top scorer has scored 104.

Sylhet Sixers sit bottom of the points table.

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Most match sixes Rajshahi Kings
Team to make the highest 1st 6 overs the score Rajshahi Kings
Highest opening partnership Rajshahi Kings

Venue: Zahur Ahmed Chowdhury Stadium, Chattogram.

Zahur Ahmed Chowdhury Stadium

Sylhet Sixers Squad Overview

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Rajshahi Kings Squad Overview

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