There is a problem with Bangladesh team. Their opening batsmen are not performing well during the world cup. It’s not a unique problem though. It has been common for the team for the last couple of world cup sessions. One of the openers of the team Tamim Iqbal recently confessed about it. He said he has not only lost to the team but also lost to himself. Today at Stakebd, we are going to share you what he said after the final loss of Bangladesh.

Tamim Iqbal lost to himself

Tamim Iqbal has an average run rate of 57.06 between the 2015 and 2019 World Cups. He played considerably well during the tri-nation Ireland series. But when it came to playing the big game, he performed really poor. Yes, 29.37 per match average run rate is really insignificant for an opener of any cricket playing team. And Tamim acknowledges that.

Tamim Iqbal
Tamim scored an only one-half century in this World Cup.

He said to the press that he had been preparing himself for 2019 world Cup since 2015! He thinks he actually put a lot of pressure on himself and that made him nervous during the matches. Tamim recalls his trauma from his inconsistency in batting and miss fielding. He said that those made him and his family suffer for a long time.

In the last 4 years, Tamim never tried to prove himself. He just went to the field, batted and things happened. He was looking for to score good runs in the first couple of innings. The 64 runs he scored against Australia, he regrets that if he could score that run in the first two matches, the results could have been very different now.

Tamim’s role also has changed. Though it was a World Cup he batted exactly the same way for the last five years. The way he batted, in his opinion it actually helped the team to win.

Tamim says,

Changing myself because some people think a certain way is the worst possible thing I could do. What I do is not easy. My point is if something has worked for me for a number of years, why should I change it? The people who understand cricket will understand what I went through and the people who don’t understand cricket will always criticize. And I am completely fine with it.

Talking about the performance of Bangladesh team during this world cup, Tamim said that it really was disappointing to win only 3 matches out of 8. He said the team obviously got its chances and moments. Yet they were not able to seize the moments. He added,

It was a very positive tournament, we pushed the best teams to the limit, but I think that we as a team have come out of that position. Just playing well is not our target. Playing well and winning games is our target. If you think in that way, we are number seven. If South Africa win we become number eight. So you cannot say it was a great campaign.

We hope that Tamim gets his performance back soon. We will hope that he plays in the field with a cool head and without any pressure on his shoulder. In that way, he will be able to deliver the performance that matches his potential.