Cricketers are wearing colorful jerseys in ODI cricket for a long time. Once upon a time, white jersey used to dominate in ODI cricket and almost every Test cricket playing countries wore white jerseys long ago in ODI matches. Things have been changed for decades. There’s no more white jersey in ODI cricket. Now, there’s a significant change will be coming on upcoming Ashes series.

Test jerseys are going to change from the upcoming Ashes series

Cricketers are using their name on their back. This is an old thing. But, once upon a time, there was a rule of white jersey even in 50 overs cricket. ICC started to change the system to match Football and off course, to increase the popularity of cricket in the world. Players are used to using color jersey with a name for decades. But, ICC kept the rules of white jersey for Test cricket even at modern times.

This Ashes will see revolutionary changes
This Ashes will see revolutionary changes

This rule also set to be broken finally. We’ll see a new era of cricket and it’s coming very soon. Players will use their name and number plate at their back just like ODI jersey. This new system and style will start from the upcoming Ashes series.

Teams like England, Australia are using jersey with name and number plate for long at their domestic cricket. Now, the rule is set to come in Test cricket formally. Test cricket is the oldest format of this beautiful game. This version of cricket started in 1877. There are many different rules and structure comes since then. But, nobody wanted to break the rules of a white jersey without name and number plate. Finally, it will also change.

The biggest change of Test cricket till date was to announce the night shift Test matches and using the pink-colored ball. But, now, the cricket world will see the biggest change of Test cricket in upcoming Ashes series which is set to start from August 1 at Edgbaston, Birmingham.