What a brilliant game the second semi-finals was! The Englishmen whipped the Kangaroos out of the world cup. Their amazing sportsmanship made mighty Australians accept the defeat and leave this world cup for good. When come to chase the target of 224 runs, England made sure of their victory with 8 wickets and 17.5 overs in their hand. Now their eyes are set to the final trophy. Will they be able to bring monsoon in their ever deserted World Cup fortune?

The Englishmen whipped the Kangaroos out of the world cup: ICC CWC19 SF2 ENG Vs AUS

This was one stellar show from England in front of their home fans from the beginning of the day. Australia won the toss and decided to bat first. But soon they found out it is really hard to score runs in that ground. From the spellbound ball from the English bowlers, wickets started to fall very early according to Australian cricket standard. Captain Aaron Finch made a glorious “Duck” and his fellow opener David Warner also came out of the ground scoring just 9 runs from 11 balls. The outstanding bowling of Chris Woakes made the Aussies batsmen tremble and miss out the balls. Only Steve Smith showed some resistance against the balls and somehow managed to score 85 runs. But his effort was not enough to mount a big score for their opposition team. They lost all of their wickets with 6 balls still left to play.

Christopher Woakes
Chris Woakes took three wickets and became the man of the match.

When England came to bat, they were confident and strong and knew what they had to do. Their opener duo JasonBairstow made a tremendous effort and this built the base what England needed. That is why they won the match too early in just 36.1 overs. They only lost 2 wickets along the way. Nonetheless, it was a great effort and performance they showed.

We were really amazed by seeing the finest batting, bowling and fielding performance of the England team. If they can carry on their form, we don’t think there is no one in this cricket world to snatch the trophy from them.