New Zealand team has a unique way to respect the player who contributes the most for the team. Today at stakebd we have brought a piece of news regarding the New Zealand jersey number fact.

The New Zealand jersey number fact

Kiwi Players who represent the team in 200 ODIs have their shirt number retired. Yes, that is true. Do you know who has played the highest number of ODI game wearing the blackcap jersey? It’s none other than Daniel Vettori.

Daniel Vettori 11 no jersey
Daniel Vettori who wore number 11 has played the most ODIs for the BLACKCAPS with 291

Zimbabwe Cricket Board is ready to cooperate with stakeholders

You may have already known that Zimbabwe cricket has already got banned from playing international cricket. ICC ha put on an allegation on them the last month and the ban is the outcome of it. However, the Zimbabwe Cricket Board has agreed to cooperate with everyone they are related to. Click on the tweet below to learn more.

On the voyage to catch Don Bradman

Do you know which Australian has the highest number of centuries in cricket against England? If you say Sir Don Bradman, you are not wrong. But do you know Who is second on line? Look at the tweet below.

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