The champions of first ever Indian Premier League (IPL) tournament. Rajasthan Royals (RR) started their IPL journey with style. But there is the ongoing dismal IPL departure of Rajasthan Royals. The crisis condensed when several scandals and ownership problems hit them so much. Their dilemma still continues in the ongoing IPL tournament so far and without any miracle, it’s safe to say that there’s very less chance they will do something notable in this year.

The Ongoing Dismal IPL Journey of Rajasthan Royals:

Rajasthan Royals have played 8 games so far and managed to win only 2 games after starting their IPL 2019 journey. As only 6 games remain to play, things aren’t looking so good and their chances to land in the knockout stage are getting bleak with each day pass. There are so many questions surrounding them and basically very few answers. They only have 6 games in their hands and unless winning at least 5 of them, the chances to play in playoff seems very groggy. So, what’s next for them? Their present condition isn’t unfamiliar to most of their members as the team also faced a similar situation in last season and changed their luck by winning remaining games and they were able to make in a playoff. But, luck doesn’t favor always and as Rajasthan Royals is known for winning games from any point, they have to climb a mountain to do the miracle at this time. They have to face Mumbai Indians in next game who is resurgent all on a sudden and get back their mojo. No wonder, the cloud surrounding them has liquefied remarkably in ongoing Vivo IPL 2019. One more loss, they’re basically out of the tournament.

After returning to IPL from 2-year suspension,

RR managed to occupy fourth place in last season when their talisman Joss Butler was in awe-inspiring form. He basically helped them to take into the playoff with his imperious capability. He’s also in assertive form this year and it seems their chances to play-off in this season on his shoulder again. Can he do the miracle for another time? Time will tell. He’s the only bit of hope for RR fans. Other big names like Steve Smith is struggling so far with very little improvement. Their homegrown players are also sufferings badly as they failed to meet the expectations so far. It’s obvious that RR sufferings for a good spinner and although the team are blended by young and energetic players, there is a lack of loudness.

If we want to compare the strong and weak points of Rajasthan Royals it will be easy to conclude their chances to survive.

Strong Points

Undoubtedly, it is their ace player Joss Butler, who is the most formidable point for them. The chances of their lifting on knockout heavily on him. If he is in form, nothing is impossible for them. Their home stadium is also on their side. Though, their stadium was slow in last season and unfamiliar for the outside player it can be useful for their native players which could be vital to acquire combine results.

Weak Points

The whole squad of RR is very weak compared to other teams. That’s actually the biggest fact for their lamentable results. Except, Joss Butler, on the whole, there’s no match winner or big-time performer for them. Everyone squeezes when pressure comes up. The native talents aren’t working and they’re not actually ‘’talent’’ at all. They have to go far to prove themselves in bigger stages. RR is also facing pace bowling problems. Archer and Kulkarni are their only players who are performing well and their lack of spinners are also stable.

So, as we discuss their current performances, results, strong and weak points. Time has come to draw the conclusions. It’s a bit of risky to say that RR will stage another marvelous scenario in the current season. But, end of the day, Cricket is a very unpredictable game. Anything can happen. But, chances seem almost zero as their main overseas players, including Butler, can get a call up from the national squad for the upcoming world cup tournament. It’s time RR should collect their pieces and push hard for everything. It’s pretty much certain they will. Let’s see how it unfurls.

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