Top Team Batsman” pointed out that who will be the top-scored batsman in a team of a T20/ODI cricket match. You have to bet on the best batsman. Here is the Top Team Batsman | T20/ODI Cricket Betting Guide 2020.

Top Team Batsman | T20/ODI Cricket Betting Guide 2020

Explanation in words

In shorter formats like T20/ODI, batsmen have to take extra pressure to score runs in a given time. So, there’s an immense competition that can happen between the two sides batsmen when scoring runs. Batsmen try to score more to outmatch their opponent. Therefore, it creates a competitive atmosphere in the T20/ODI game. As a result, it also draws more attention from the bettors.


if you want to make a bet on the “Top Team Batsman” terms in a T20/ODI match, the online betting company will supply you with the options of the batsmen list. You have to select a batsman from the array of options given by the online betting company.

Now, you must give out your stake for the bet. If the selected option of yours match the final result, then you will win the bet. On the other hand, if it won’t match the option of yours, then then you will lose the bet as well as the stakes.

For instance,

assume a T20/ODI match is about to happen between India vs West Indies. You bet 10 dollars on that Indian opening batsman Rohit Sharma will be the player of the match in this T20/ODI match. Finally, it seems Rohit Sharma becomes the Top Team Batsman. Therefore, your option is totally right. So, you win the bet in this T20/ODI match. As a result, you can also claim the stake too.

On the other hand, if it doesn’t match the option you selected which means if another batsman managed to score more runs than Rohit Sharma then you could definitely lose the bet. As a result, there’s no chance you can claim the bet’s stake.

Reminder – In the event of two or more batsmen taking an equal number of wickets then the batsman with the more strike rate conceded will be deemed the winner.

Furthermore, for understanding the “Top Team Batsman” betting term, please check out the given examples below. You will have a better idea we are hoping.

Guide to win - Top Team Batsman

Top Team Batsman – Guide for T20/ODI Betting

India vs West Indies


West Indies

Most of the time the odds here are like this,

Top Team Batsman

V Kohli (India) 1.3 (odd) RG Sharma (India) 1.5 (odd)
S Iyer (India) 1.8 (odd) KL Rahul (India) 2.0 (odd)
KM Jadhav (India) 2.5 (odd) S Dube (India) 2.75 (odd)
RA Jadeja (India) 3.0 (odd) K Yadav (India) 3.25 (odd)
M Shami (India) 3.75 (odd) RR Pant (India) 4 (odd)

Guide to Stake for Winning the “ Top Team Batsman” in T20/ODI Cricket Betting:

If you Stake $10 on RG Sharma (India) – 1.5 (odd)

Result:  RG Sharma became the top team batsman of the India

You will Win $15 (1.5×10=15)

Your profit will be $5 ( $15 – $10 )

We gave the examples with Decimal Odds. To understand the other odds like American Odds, Fractional Odds, Hongkong Odds, Malaysia ODDs, Indonesian odds

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