Royal Challengers Bangalore lost all three matches that they played in this Indian Premier League 2019. Trolls about Royal Challengers Bangalore are spreading all over the social media. But why?

Trolls about Royal Challengers Bangalore are spreading.

Royal Challengers Bangalore already played three matches. but they couldn’t earn a victory. 31st February RCB were beaten by Sunrisers Hyderabad. That was a terrible loss for Royal Challengers Bangalore. They lost by 118 runs. Now they are in the last position according to their points. So the patience of the fans broke down although they have Virat Kohli for their captaincy.

In the last match, Virat scored 3 runs over  10 bowls. First two matches, 6 runs over 12 bowls and 46 runs over  32 bowls respectively against Chennai Super Kings and Mumbai Indians. This was the best of this captain.

So the team RCB is now in disaster. On the other hand, the critics are now growing up the mock about the captain of Royal Challengers Bangalore, Virat Kohli on the social media. Lots of toll with bad captions are now spreading through the internet.

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