As much as the behavioral chains are kept in a cricket event, it is difficult to stop the emotional explosions inside the mind. What ever it’s Mahendra Singh Dhoni! But what Dhoni did, it is very rare.

Unable to cope with anger, Dhoni went inside the field!

And even after the incident, only 50 percent of Dhoni has been fined. Virender Sehwag thinks Dhoni has got his side. Chennai Super Kings captain should have been banned at least 2 or 3 matches.

Sehwag said,

I think Dhoni has got a little bit better. At least 2-3 matches should have been banned. The reason, and who else, another captain can do the same thing tomorrow. So what is the price of the field umpire? A few matches should be banned as an exemplary punishment. He should have been outside the field, the speech of the Bigjay could talk to the fourth umpire. I think that the two CMKs (two batsmen) were in the field, there was no right to come inside. That two were talking about whether it was no ball.’

The situation that had in the match was that the ball was more than the diamond. Downton was in the overthrow, after which he was in the field, he was in the side of the river. In this situation, he entered the field. In the field, the UNNY has been arguing quite a bit of the captain. But the end is not called Nokla. But the polls of the Knitai’s team, it became difficult to win the Dalni team, even after the final ball of the Chennai.

In this, Sehwag has been given the same thing that

Dhoni has never seen so much excited for India, he was happy, ‘I would have been happy for India, and I would have been happy. I did not see him so much excited to stay in the days of the Indian team. I think that playing for a little more emotions while playing for Chennai.

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