What will happen if it rains today at Edgbaston during the last match of Cricket World Cup? It is a question that may come to the supporter’s mind after they saw what happened during the last semi-final. Nature is always unpredictable. The weather forecast says that there is a huge possibility of rain for today and tomorrow. So now let’s tell you what will happen if rain washes out today’s high voltage Australia vs England match as well.

What will happen if it rains today at Edgbaston?

Edgbaston Stadium
Edgbaston Stadium

This year’s world cup has been struck by the infamous monsoon of England. Already 5 matches got hampered due to it. Today at 3.30 pm BST, Australia is Going to take on England. But if it starts to rain the game will pause. It will wait for the rain to stop.

The ICC World Cup Regulation says that minimum 40 overs is needed to play by both sides to establish a match. If it becomes impossible, they will use the reserve day for the match which in this case is tomorrow 12 July.

If both the match day and reserve day gets washed out due to rain, Australia will then go directly to the final stage. This is because they have more points than their opponent as the won 1 more match than them.

But we hope to see a normal semi-final match. In this situation, we can only pray to Mother Nature for her mercy.