The first semi-final match of yesterday between India and New Zealand has been called off for the day due to heavy rain. It was speculated beforehand that there is a huge probability of rain during the match. All the fans prayed to Mother nature for her mercy, but Mother nature did not listen to them and poured down her blessing to Old Trafford Cricket Ground. And for that, the unfinished game of tomorrow will resume today. However, the weather forecast for today is still not so welcoming. Rain might hamper today’s match also. In this situation, everybody is thinking, will India and New Zealand be able to finish the semi-final?

Will India and New Zealand be able to finish the semi-final?

Old Trafford
The first semi-final at Old Trafford has been called off due to rain.

The weather forecast of yesterday was worse than today somehow New Zealand managed to play 14.1 overs and make it 211 runs losing 5 wickets. Indian bowlers had cornered the Kiwi batsman from the beginning. In the first powerplay, they managed to score only 27 runs losing one wicket. It is the lowest score by any of the team in this world cup 2019. With such a low score, New Zeland would find it difficult to win over India.

India will benefit today from the fresh re-beginning. The weather forecast today says it might rain but less than tomorrow. The groud is already damp from the heavy rain of tomorrow and fielding on the ground will be a tough task to do for the Blackcaps.

However, if somehow India plays the whole match and ties with the kiwis, super over will determine the result. If the match gets washed away due to rain, India will go to the finals based on their point. So yes, ICC will make out the result of the first semi anyhow.