Captain Kane Williamson says the agonizing defeat to England is hard to swallow for New Zealand in CWC19 final. They had to accept the failure for scoring fewer boundaries than their opponent during super over. This never before used rule entitled their fate and the heartbroken Kiwis are now headed towards their home empty-handed.

Williamson says the agonizing defeat to England is hard to swallow: CWC19 Final

Kane Williamson
Kane Williamson during the post-match press conference.

New Zealand gave England a target of 241 runs and miraculously England reached 241 just in time so the match rolled into super over. But inexplicably they tied in the super over as well. But ICC did not have any rule for a second super over but a controversial rule of citing the side victorious who has a greater number of boundaries in the super over. Lucky for England, they had 2 but for New Zealand, they had only 1 six.

For Kane Williamson, it was the most painful way to lose. But as a gentleman, he did not criticize ICC. He said,

What did they(England) win it on, boundaries? While the emotions are raw it’s pretty hard to swallow when two teams work so hard to get to this moment in time. We had two attempts to separate us and still couldn’t – it is what it is, the rules are there at the start and they probably never thought they would have to use them.

However, he added that his team put a lot of effort and did a huge amount of hard work to reach the final. But what happened was really the mixture of some uncontrollables. Nonetheless, he said England definitely deserves the trophy.