ICC World Cup 2019 is nearly coming to an end. World Cup reaches its second stage and many people are still unsure about the rules of this tournament especially the rules in knockout stages. There’s a bit of complicated matter lies in the World Cup knockout stages rules.

World Cup rules we should know

CWC 2019 already reached knockout stages. The first semifinal postponed due to heavy rain on Emirates Old Trafford, Manchester between India Vs New Zealand and it will move to an extra day. Many cricket fans are baffled to see such kinds of scenario. Most of them don’t know the rules of knockout stages. Here, we want to discuss the complete system of the knockout stage.

  • Reserve day rules 

The reserve day rule is if a semi-final or final match postponed due to any reason then it will not get restart. The match will continue from where it finished. If the bad weather condition progress even in the extra day, then there’s a huge chance of reduction of the game. It will depend on the weather condition. If any of the semifinal or final fails to end on the exact day then it will schedule to reopen from the same score on the next day.

India Vs NZ match will continue today after washed out
India Vs NZ match will continue today after washed out
  • Tiebreaker rules

If the match gets ties up then there will be a super over to determine the winner of the game. But, in case, the weather will not allow to super over happening, then it will happen in the following day. Each team will play six balls and it will ultimately decide the winner.

  • Semi-final washed out rules

If semi-final washed out due to extremely bad weather or any kinds of reason, then the highest point earners of the round-robin stage will go through in the final.

  • Final washed out rules 

If final washed out on the scheduled day then it will get continue on the following day. But, if the weather is so poor to play then the trophy will be shared between the two finalist teams.

The unstable English weather condition is too much drama. CWC 2019 already saw four matches get washed out. The first semi-final between New Zealand and India also postponed on the first day and moves into the second day. As English weather is fickling around, it’s better to know the rules of the World Cup.