For cricket lovers, cricket betting is such an exciting item for them. Cricket becomes more fun and beguiling with the magic touch of cricket betting. Therefore, most of the bettors are searching for what are the best online cricket betting apps. It’s not easy to find out top cricket betting apps. Cricket betting is one of the best businesses in many parts of the world. Nowadays, there are many bettors who aren’t interested in betting through PC but through smartphones, tablet or phablet. All they just need to download the betting app and conduct the betting. So, what are the best cricket betting online apps? In this article, we are going to we will take a look at cricket betting from the perspective of mobile app users. Therefore, we will discuss the best cricket betting apps and the characteristics of the best cricket betting apps. Besides, we are hoping that by the end of our discussion, you will also be interested in putting a few bucks for the next big match in cricket! Now, Let’s begin the discussion on the best cricket betting bookie app.

Best Cricket Betting Apps and The Characteristics of The Best Cricket Betting Apps

As we’ve previously told that it’s not an easy task of sorting the best cricket betting rate app. You need proper research and insight to do that. But, we’ve got a couple of cricket experts who did the proper research and who possesses a great acknowledgment about cricket. To make things easy for you, we are listing down some of the easy cricket betting apps. Perhaps, you don’t know all the names of the list. However, we can assure you that all of them will supply you with the most convenient, safe, and secured surroundings for online cricket betting.

Best Apps For Cricket Betting

The best cricket betting online apps are below –

No. 1 – 1xbet App

Amongst all the apps, we think 1xbet is the best app in cricket betting. The user interface is superb and user-friendly in a word. Moreover, 1xbet supplies a plethora of betting markets and odds. The safety and security of 1xbet are also very tight and secured. 1xbet provides a 100% deposit bonus for the first deposit. The live streaming option (Geo-restriction apply) of 1xbet is another great convenience as they give the chance to watch an array of top cricket events around the world. You just need a positive balance in your account to enjoy the live streaming service. Besides, 1xbet also offers a variety of bonuses and promotions at different times. As a result, 1xbet is the cricket betting prediction apps in the world.

Get the app in here – 1xbet

No. 2 – Betway App

Betway is another giant in the list of best cricket betting tips app. Betway generally supplies various promotional offers in the various tournaments. They provide €/$30 for the first deposit. Moreover, the welcome bonus is up to €/$1,000. The In-Play betting in Betway is such a joy for the bettors. The live streaming option of various cricket tournaments add an extra advantage for the bettors. You don’t need to pay any subscription fee for a live streaming service. All you need to have a positive account balance for that. Additionally, Betway provides an array of payment options and the depositing, withdrawing system is very user-oriented from them.

Get the app in here – Betway

No. 3 – Paddy Power App

Paddy Power Sports App offers a swarm of different betting options over a very high amount of matches and tournaments. Therefore, bettors usually get a good chance to bet more and win more money. On the other hand, another criterion set Paddy Power apart from the other lower type app. The criterion is Paddy Power often supplies special offers on special tournaments. For instance, they offered a money-back if a match went to the final ball in the last T20 World Cup. Furthermore, Paddy Power provides €/$20 for the first deposit.

Get the app in here – Paddy Power

No. 4 – Betfair App

There are a number of reasons Betfair app holds one of the top-notch positions in the best online cricket betting apps. Firstly, they offer a wide variety of betting markets to bet on. Moreover, Betfair app supplies big cricket tournaments like  – World Cup, World Test Championship, Ashes Series, International T20 Matches, Top-level Domestic Cricket Tournaments, etc. There are also many tournaments offered by Betfair. Besides, Betfair is such an attractive betting app for new customers. Betfair always offers great customer-related offers for the new ones to attract them towards Betfair. You will receive 200% of your first deposit amount in bonus funds in Betfair.

Get the app in here – Betfair

No. 5 – Spin Sports

The most gorgeous and astonishing offer of Spin Sports is it offers a generous 100% ‘match your bet’ welcome bonus up to the value of $200. You just need to deposit $10 and activate the bonus. The user-interface is very user-oriented and Spin Sports is very safe and secured. Spin Sports also provides an array of betting markets along with bonuses. Therefore, Spin Sports is one of the best cricket betting tips app.

Get the app in here – Spin Sports

Cricket Betting Prediction, Betting Odds, and Betting Guide

If you really want to bet on cricket matches, then it is very necessary for you to learn cricket prediction or how to predict a cricket match. Match Prediction mainly lays the foundation of cricket betting. For this reason, you can read our article on Cricket Prediction Calculator is Introduced by in 2020.

Similarly, you need to learn about betting odds in order to know the approximate result of a bet. For this reason, please visit this article and gather in-depth knowledge about betting odds.

How to Read Odds? | Beginners Guide in 2020.

On the other hand, betting guide is another term a new bettor has to learn. As cricket has three formats – Test, ODI, T20I, we are providing you the betting guide for all the formats. Here the betting guide provided for you by Stakebd.Com.

Test Cricket Betting Guide

T20/ODI Cricket Betting Guide 2020

What a Bettor Should Seek in a Cricket Betting App

It’s not an easy thing to sort out the top cricket betting apps. It needs a serious level of research and expertise. We have sorted out that there are some things which most of the bettors want or need in a cricket betting app. Here are the lists –

  • Safety and Security

    This is the most important matter in a cricket app for users. In the end, everyone wants their personal and professional info will get protected by a betting site. Nobody wants to compromise with this. It doesn’t matter whether a betting site fills you with tons of features and offers, but if the security is not up to the standard, then it’s not worth a shot.

  •  Live Streaming

Nowadays, most of the bettors use smartphones or other devices. It’s easy for them to watch live streaming matches. Nobody wants to sit on the television for hours to bet. So, live streaming becomes a major ingredient in betting app. Things are also the same for cricket. Bettors want live streaming cricket events.

Best Cricket Betting Apps and The Characteristics of The Best Cricket Betting Apps
Live Streaming gives a huge joy and makes live betting easier


  • In-Play Betting

Things have been changed a lot in online cricket betting. Punters want to bet on live matches. During the intermission of the cricket match, many bettors start betting on the basis of the course of the game. Not every betting apps have such this advantage. Only a few have it and they’re ahead of the race.

  • Bonuses and Promotions

Usually, punters are attracted to those cricket betting apps that offer more bonuses and promotions. We always look for cricket betting apps that offer the highest deposit bonuses and the lowest conversion rates of loyalty points to cash. These bonuses and promotional offers help punters to earn more cash.

  • The Methods of Payment

Every betting site has different payment methods. The reason is simple. Bettors need to pay and withdraw the money from betting. When it comes to the methods of payment in the cricket betting apps, betting sites who have more localized payment options of deposit and withdrawals get more priority to the bettors.

  • 24*7 Customer Service

It’s undeniable that punters usually face various difficulties and problems in betting. This is the reason they need help. And, betting sites provide these help through the various customer service channels. Those sites that have more channels and more proficient customer service have the upper hand than their competitors.

How To Download and Use a Cricket Betting App

Now, you’ve already read the significant portion of this article. Now, the question can raise what to do next? Well, such cases, you need to have an electronic device such as smartphones, tablets, PC, or laptops. Here’s the matter of cricket betting line app. The first thing you need to do is download the app.

Cricket Betting App For iPhone Users

In order to use a cricket betting app for iPhone, you need to go to the iOS AppStore. There, you should search for your desirable app and download it and install it.

Cricket Betting App For Android

In order to use cricket betting android apps, you should go to the Android Play Store and download the app and install it.

You can also download a cricket betting app for PC if you’re a PC user or can download the cricket betting pro app.

Cricket Betting Markets

In this stage, you can ask yourself how or what terms you should make a bet. Well, you don’t need to worry a bit. There are cricket betting markets for this. This is a huge market. You’ve already known about these markets if you click and read our Test Cricket Betting Guide and T20/ODI Cricket Betting Guide 2020 we’ve given above. You’ll have an in-depth knowledge of cricket betting markets. Everything will be easier to understand for you and you’ll have a good sense of knowledge on what betting suits you the most after reading those articles.

Best Cricket Betting Apps and The Characteristics of The Best Cricket Betting Apps
You need to learn various things like odds, betting guide before concretely learn cricket betting markets


Is There Any Issue with Match-Fixing in Cricket?

Well, it’s certainly a common question. Nothing wrong with it. If you bet on in a good manner and you win, then there’s nothing related to the match-fixing issue.

Is there any chance these bookmakers will take all the money one-day?

If you choose one of the bookmakers we’ve mentioned above, you don’t need to worry a bit. They’re all regulated by the highest authority.

What can I do if I fail to download my preferred app?

This problem is slowly reduced all around the world. The reason is simple as more countries are getting attached to online gambling. However, if you can’t download apps, you can still enter the site through your phone or tablet.

It’s no secret that cricket is still an unfamiliar game in most parts of the world. But, it is still one of the most popular games and big tournaments like World Cup, T20 World Cup, Ashes, IPL, etc. get huge limelight around the globe. As a result, cricket betting is very popular in this game. The cricket betting apps we’ve mentioned here and the free betting tips we’ve shared will surely guide you to make the best bets. Those online sportsbooks and the features will make you cheer along as you learn (and bet on) this extraordinary game.