In recent times, the online bookmakers offering an array of events and sports. The reason is simple. A big portion of the world population is now using the internet and they are very much interested in sporting events. Moreover, it’s no denying that cricket is one of the most popular sports in the world. A high amount of people around the world has a deep interest in this game. As a result, it has drawn a tremendous attraction from the betting community and online bookmakers. It is also undeniable that this sport has the most number of technical aspects for placing the bets and the chances for the win for either team. As a result, cricket literally gives the bettors a big chance to win a bet through the online bookmakers. The cricket betting on mobile is also increasing sharply as each day passes by. Most of the internet users are using internet through mobile phone. This is the biggest reason cricket betting on mobile is so popular nowadays. Here, we will discuss on this matter.

Cricket Betting In Mobile

The time has been changed significantly. Gone are those days when mobile phones only used for communication. Now, mobile phones have been used for various purposes. This has been one of the part and parcel of our day to day life. From moving around the city to buy groceries, smartphones have been an important part of every prospect. You just need good and faster internet connectivity on your smartphone and you are ready to go! Punters can download betting related apps and start betting.

However, sometimes punters are in a dilemma whether the mobile apps will work as the main site. We are assuring things won’t be different at all. Perhaps, there could be very little different than the main site but it won’t be significant. You will get the same features and benefits through mobile apps. It’s such a very good way for the cricket betting fanatics to get access to the best odds all the time.

On the other hand, arrange of mobile apps become one of the most necessary matters for online bookmakers. Having mobile apps ensure that they’re one of the top dogs in the competition. Over time, the use of mobile apps become a trendsetting matter in the betting world.

Best Mobile Friendly Betting Sites In Cricket

As technological advancement is happening remarkably, there are no denying mobile phones are having a deep impact on it. In a word, smartphones are leading the current digital world in every aspect. As a result, things are the pretty much same in betting. The most efficient and considerable way of enjoying the betting and experiencing the real fun of betting is undoubtedly the mobile apps supplied by some of the best online bookmakers in history. You will get an incalculable amount of betting markets available under the hood of your fingertips. By the way, here we are giving you the list of some of the best mobile-friendly betting sites in cricket.

All of these online bookmakers will definitely please you and helps you to enjoy the best betting experience with their own mobile apps. All you need to go to the AppStore of your smartphone and download and login to get the best feelings of betting.

The Way Mobile Betting Works

Well, you should understand this and don’t have to panic if you’re a new user. The reason is it is no rocket science at all. The requirements are simple – you need a smartphone, good internet connectivity, have an account in an online bookmaker. Is this too much hard task at all?! We guess not! Here, we are giving you the steps to follow –

  • Pick your cricket betting site

At first, thoroughly research and understand which site will be the best for you. We can assure you that the site mentioned above will surely fulfill your needs and all of them are capable to provide you a great betting experience.

  • Download the app

Now, ensure that the online bookmaker you choose has a mobile app. The sites we mentioned above, all of them has such this convenience. You can get in-depth knowledge by reading this article – Best Cricket Betting Apps and The Characteristics of The Best Cricket Betting Apps.

  • Sign in your account

Now, create an account in the betting site. You must have to fulfill the requirements given by the bookmaker. You can go to this section of Stakebd to better understand – HOW TO OPEN & VERIFY BETTING ACCOUNTS.

  • Deposit some money in your account

Deposit some amount of money in your account to initiate your journey in betting. You might get lucky in getting some bucks added to your account as a part of First Deposit Bonus.

  • Put your bet

Now, this is the part where you have to choose your favorite cricket events. There are a plethora of events like the World Cup, T20 Championship, IPL, CPL, etc. You should place a bet and check out the odds in the betting market. In order to better understand the betting odds and cricket betting market, please visit these articles of Stakebd.

Test Cricket Betting Guide

T20/ODI Cricket Betting Guide 2020

How to Read Odds? | Beginners Guide in 2020

We can assure you that all of these articles will help you concretely in terms of betting experience.

Bonuses and Promotional offers

Keep your eyes open and check out all the bonuses and promotional offers given by the sportsbook.

Mobile Live Streaming

Gone are those days when people have to sit on tv set and watch the match to bet. In modern times, you can watch cricket matches through live streaming even from your mobile and make a bet. Most of the sportsbooks are offering this benefit. It opens a new way of betting and punters are benefitted heavily through this feature. Just imagine, you are watching a cricket match in live streaming and place a live-betting at a time! Mesmerizing, isn’t it? It assists bettors to understand the course of the game and make a bet according to it. Therefore, bettors get a big way of winning more money.

Cricket Betting In Mobile
Mobile live streaming is such a fun

Bonuses and Promotions In Mobile Version

It’s no secret that almost all the online sportsbooks supplies various bonuses and promotional offers The same thing goes for the mobile apps of them. They also provide various lucrative and smashing promotional offers and bonus offers for their customers in different cricket events. There are various offers like deposit bonuses, welcome bonuses, free bets, VIP cashback, refer-a-friend, etc. All of these bonuses will help you to gain more profit if you can properly utilize these offers. The most conclusive thing is that you will get these bonuses and promotional offers in any small device like smartphones, tablets, phablets, etc. You don’t have to worry about any brand. You can get these offers no matter what brand you’re using.

Cricket Betting In Mobile
Bonuses and Promotions In Mobile Version is no less than the main site

Benefits of Mobile Betting on Cricket

There are multiple benefits of mobile betting on cricket. Here, we are discussing some big benefits –

  • Most of the online bookmakers offer to join bonus to the players to pick for the app version of their online site. That’s easy credit right there.
  • In recent times, sportsbooks are giving the best attention to mobile apps as smartphones are now the most popular electronic device. So, this is a great way to bet management and check out the nonstop offers.
  • Mobile apps can provide you the latest update, offers, and any type of news relating to bet. Therefore, you can gather proficient knowledge in terms of betting in many ways.
  • The flexibility through mobile betting in cricket is such an astounding matter. As you can make a bet in a cricket match at any place like your sofa, chair, etc. it really makes you comfortable making a bet from any place as you want.


1. Are mobile apps are a safe place for betting?

Yes, of course. All you just need to research and select a reputable app for yourself. Moreover, we can assure you that the apps we’ve mentioned above will surely safe place for mobile betting in cricket.

2. Is there any chance I could lose my money at mobile apps betting?

No, you don’t unless you lost the bet. Mobile apps are almost the same as the main site. There’s a very little difference and it won’t impact your betting or your money at all.

3. Mobile apps are more fun than the main site?

Yes, you can say that! If you get the real taste of betting from mobile, then its ok.

In addition, it’s clear that mobile betting in cricket is such a fun and astonishing matter for the punters all over the globe. There’s nothing to fear on mobile betting. You are getting all the benefits of the main site here. If you still have any questions regarding this article, you are welcome to do it in the comment section.