The historic field Lord’s, London witnessed the greatest ever World Cup final yesterday. Both of the team England and New Zealand just gave cricket world a huge excitement and it’s safe to say, the end of the day cricket won the day. This is cricket, pure cricket which consisted of drama, excitement, tension, happiness, agonizing everything. This is the match for ages. England finally wins the cup and New Zealand only can bemoan their luck. NZ skipper Kane Williamson is still positive about his team. He is proud of his team’s fighting spirit.

CWC2019 final: Kane Williamson is proud of his team’s fighting spirit

New Zealand chose to bat first after winning the toss and posted a modest score of 241 for 8 wickets. Many people were started doubt and counting the times for England to hold the trophy. The drama was yet to unfurl. Black Caps proved again, they’re not the team to bow easily. Finally, the score was tied and the match extended in super over.

This is the first time in World Cup history that a final extended into super over. In the end, England won the trophy by scoring more boundaries in super over. What a contest it was! Best ever final by a mile. Both teams deserve immense praise.

Black Caps skipper Kane Williamson won the player of the tournament. He praised his team’s overall efforts and congratulated England when he received the ”Player of the Tournament” award from the former Indian batting legend Sachin Tendulkar.

Kane Williamson congratulated England and defends his team positive attitude.
Kane Williamson congratulated England and defends his team positive attitude.

This is not an extra compliment for me. We could’ve won the trophy, but luck wasn’t on our side. We also know that this is cricket. Congratulations to England. They really had an incredible campaign and played at the highest level. It’s been challenging. We should have scored a few more runs. I am really pleased to watch my boys do a pretty good job. This hurts because we really did hard work for that and get denied at the last moment. They’ve performed at the highest level throughout the tournament. They did a fantastic job at all. 

Kiwis captain also sees lots of positivity from the game.

We were thinking about the overall conditions. The pitch was much drier and we thought we could’ve scored a big. But, things didn’t come into our ways. We could’ve scored a few more runs. Our bowlers bowled well on the surface and they were great during the whole tournament. It’s a shame that the ball hit Ben Stoke’s pad(the 6 runs from Stoke’s pad) and I really wish it never happens in such this vital moment.

He also defended the decision to send Martin Guptill and James Neesham at Super over time.

The combination of left and right-handed batsmen always provides a perfect combination in super over. They(Guptill and Neesham) did their job pretty well. looking at the short boundary, but it’s unfair to critique a match fought with such small margins – especially the match that we saw today.

New Zealand should be proud of themselves. If we see fairly, cricket actually won at the end of the day. Cricket god certainly has made up for the moist crackers with one big final. This game is easily one of the greatest ODI and surely the best ever World Cup final. It would be great if the trophy been shared between the two teams!