What makes a great game? If you really want the answer then you may be found after yesterday’s game. There was emotion, saga, spirit, late drama everything. It was like ”all in one” package. The story of Lord’s, London even beat the thriller of Alfred Hitchcock thriller. End of the day cricket won and both teams should be proud of the game. The birth of one of the greatest game in cricket’s history even beat the Alfred Hitchcock film.

CWC2019: The birth of one of the greatest game in cricket’s history even beat the Alfred Hitchcock film

Even Alfred Hitchcock or Stanley Kubrick could take the note from this game which was full of thriller and suspense. Sometimes a game isn’t only a game, it could be larger than life. It proves once again yesterday at Lord’s. We don’t need a description for this. Ben Stoke‘s comment is enough to describe that.

It still feels like a dream. I still couldn’t believe this around me.

The ”Man of the Match” confessed.

There was hope then it despairs and then relief for sometimes. This is how the show went on. After almost one and a half month, around 50 matches finally the show came into conclusion and it’s with enigmatic fashion!

If we talk about the last over that’s how it was going on –

First it was 15 from 5 balls. England’s chances seemingly getting bleaker. Stokes jams it through the extra cover. Kiwis skipper Kane Williamson clapped with a bit of nervousness. Trent Boult was taking his line as Stokes failed to take any run .

Stokes got his lucky runs
Stokes got his lucky runs

Now, it was 15 from 4 balls. Winning is slowly getting away from the host. Frustration shrouded among the fans. Stoke was under heavy pressure but didn’t care a bit. He delivered a mighty hit which transformed into six. After that, it was another saga. Stokes’s deflected dive earned England another 6-runs.

It was totally rotten luck for New Zealand but umpire should act more wisely. In the last two balls, we witnessed two run-outs. In the last ball, Mark Wood took 1 run before dismissal which made the match tied.

Then the saga of super over which literally beat the finishing even movies like “Psycho” or “The Silence of the Lambs“.

Ben Stokes and Jos Butler batted for England and England managed to score 15. James Neesham and Martin Guptill batted for New Zealand and scored the same run but England smiled the final smile due to their more boundary than the Black Caps. England ultimately crowned as champions and the trophy come back at home for the very first time.

Buttler runs out Guptill at superover
Buttler runs out Guptill at superover

That’s how it unfolded. Agony, drama, hope, despair, fear, madness everything. It was obviously a full package of entertainment which earned this game as one of the best ever match in cricket’s history.