Michael Vaughan said that England is going to win the  2019 World Cup. He is pretty sure about it and also said Eoin Morgan is going write his name in history by making sure the cup stays in England.

England is going to win the World Cup- says Michael Vaughan

Michael Vaughn
Michael Vaughn

Before the final match, this former English cricketer and commentator of England opened his heart and explained what is the reason behind his opinion. He also gave some internal information about English cricket tradition. He said, when someone wins the Ashes he become revered as an England captain. Andrew Strauss, Alastair Cook, Mike Gatting, David Gower and Michael Vaughn himself won Ashes series but not one of them could lift a World Cup. But time has changed. He thinks current England captain Morgan has the chance to achieve something special that was beyond them.

He acknowledges that a huge pressure goes on before the game day. Players get a mixture of fillings. Feeling afraid is very common. But their main job is to stay calm and play with their head. He knows that Morgan’s last message toward his teammates will be “Don’t be scared“.

He assumes that Morgan will be telling the openers of the teams to play steady and bite into the ground for the first half an hour to the game. After that, they should make a storm in the ground.

The main challenge will come forward if they lose any wickets before 100 runs. They really need to protect the wickets before that because stats say they if they can do so, they will definitely win.

Finally, Vaughn says that he doesn’t think England will freeze. They might do some silly mistakes but they will recover very soon after. And World Cup final at Lord’s is such a great opportunity for them. Four years of preparation have been geared towards it. So hopefully it will also aid them on the voyage of victory.