The Indian Premier League (IPL)2020 was about to begin in March. But, the COVID 19 pandemic changed a lot of things. Thus, IPL 2020 didn’t happen due to the pandemic at the right time. After that, several times the time schedule has changed. But, nothing happened. However, this time everything is different as IPL 2020 is ready to hit on the field in September in the United Arab Emirates. IPL franchises are also getting ready for the big gig. Whence, betting companies are starting their approaches to it. Every season IPL starts with a bang and in a wonderful way. Everyone is thinking this year’s IPL won’t be any different. Here, Stakebd will discuss the IPL 2020 match prediction, online cricket betting guide, and betting tips. We are hoping this article will help the IPL fans and bettors in an enormous way.

IPL 2020 Match Prediction, Online Cricket Betting Guide, and Betting Tips

Additionally, the IPL will be played between 8 teams. There will be no extra franchise. IPL 2020 is set to begin on September 19 and gonna end on November 8. BCCI already indicates there will be no change of dates this time. Now, we are going to discuss on IPL 2020 match prediction, online cricket betting guide, and betting tips. Let’s begin the discussion.

How to Predict IPL 2020?

IPL betting odds tell their own story in terms of who could be the most likely winner of the 2020 edition of the IPL is. There is no surprise at all. It will be probably between Mumbai Indians, Chennai Super Kings, and Sunrisers Hyderabad. But, why these three teams?! Oh! it’s not rocket science to understand. If we look closely, no other teams can even come close to these three giants in terms of superiority and consistency. They are one step above from the other five.

Furthermore, they have a squad with great players. They also possess superb captains, money power, squad balance, etc. All in all, it will be difficult for the other teams to stop them in every aspect. Now, the vital question is how to predict IPL 2020? Oh! we will learn about this. If you want to predict IPL, firstly, you need to gather knowledge about the way of predicting IPL matches. You need to rely on various factors to predict IPL.

Here are some measurements of how you can predict IPL 2020.

  • T20 Team Ranking

The team ranking is a huge factor in T20 matches especially in a big tournament like IPL. Additionally, the reason is it helps to maintain the self-confidence. Moreover, if we see the IPL 2019 edition, we can clearly see the dominance of Mumbai Indians and Chennai Super Kings. Both of these teams also maintaining their superiority for a long time in IPL. Besides, there’s a strong possibility things will remain the same in the upcoming edition.

Example – In the 2019 edition of IPL, Mumbai Indians becomes first in the IPL while Kolkata Knight Riders managed to occupy the fifth position. MI will most likely be ahead of KKR in IPL 2020 edition.

IPL T20 Ranking 1st 5th
  • Home Advantage

The home team is a team that plays in their home ground. On the other hand, the away team plays outside of their home ground. It’s no secret that how home ground provides a big advantage in a game. Hence, IPL is no different. Teams usually do better when they play in their home ground. Besides, if we see the IPL 2019 edition, teams thrive when they play in their home ground. The reason is home groundwork as an “extra tonic” for the teams. But, as the IPL 13 edition is set to happen in UAE, there might be no advantage or disadvantage in here as each team will play at the neutral ground.

  • Recent Form

The running or current form of a team plays a huge role in IPL T20 matches. The team who plays better in its previous matches has a big chance to clinch the trophy. Besides, In IPL 2020s T20 matches, we must count on 5 previous matches of both teams in IPL.

Example – For instance, Mumbai Indians is doing well in IPL for a long time. On the other hand, KKR is also doing well but not as MI. Let’s check out the last five results of both teams –

Win Loss
Win Win
Win Win
Tie Loss
Loss Loss
Total wins 3 Wins 2 Win

The stat showing that MI has the upper hand in the last 5 matches than KKR. So, it’s a great possibility that MI will win more matches than KKR in IPL 2020. We should check and coverage when IPL 2020 begins.

  • Head to Head

Before a T20 match in IPL, it would be a smart job to check out the head to head records of both teams. The reason is the team who has a better record than its opposition in head to head possesses a bigger chance to win the match in IPL.


2019 Win Loss
2019 Loss Win
2018 Win Loss
2018 Win Loss
2017 Win Loss
4 Wins 1 Win

From this table, it’s totally clear that KKR is absolutely no match for MI. MI is much ahead in terms of head to head result. We can also predict that MI will rule over KKR in IPL 2020 edition too. But, let’s see as the IPL 2020 isn’t far away!

  • Field Condition

Field conditions have a heavy impact on T20 games especially in a big tournament like IPL. The condition of the field can change the course of the game. For instance, if the field is bowling supported, the team who has a better bowling lineup will get the advantage. On the other hand, if the field is batting supported, then the team has a better batting lineup, will have the upper hand. SO, field conditions undoubtedly have a huge impact on IPL. As the UAE’s most of the fields are batting friendly, teams will find it quite easy to score the big amount of runs.

  • Player Analysis

You must need to assess the player analysis in order to predict an IPL T20 match. Elsewhere, in order to do that, you have to analyze and make a comparison between the top players of both teams. After that, you’ll get a clear picture of which team has a superior squad and has more chances to win the game.

Example – Here, we can check the top batsmen analysis of MI and KKR.

Batsmen Analytics:

Batsmen SR AVG Batsmen SR AVG
R Sharma 130.82 31.60 N Rana 130.00 27
H Pandya 154.78 28.86 S Gill 124.36 32.88
Comment:  Better  Better Comment:  Good  Good 

So, based on the table, we can assess that MI has more clear-cut chances over KKR in the upcoming IPL tournament. But, we should look forward to what happens.

  • Point Table

After the beginning and progressing of the IPL tournament, we will get a better idea of who could be victorious in IPL 2020. The reason is Which team usually does better since the beginning of the tournament, usually does well till the end.


If we see the IPL 2019, MI played better than all other teams from the beginning and ultimately won the tournament. Things might stay the same in IPL 2020 edition. Moreover, we’ll find out about it when IPL 2020 hits the field.

  • Pitch Support

Pitch Support is another factor that could be influential in IPL 2020 tournament. If the pitch is batting friendly, then teams score more and it will be more entertaining for the audience. But, if the pitch is bowling friendly, it will be difficult for the batsmen. But, most of the teams usually make the batting-friendly pitch for IPL tournaments. As IPL 2020 is set to happen in UAE, it will be interesting to see how the pitch will support IPL teams. However, from past experience, we can assess that UAE’s pitch will be the batting-friendly for sure.

Here, Stakebd is providing a prediction calculator where you can do the IPL 2020 match prediction by yourself.

Factors Marks out of
T20 Team Ranking
Home Advantage
Recent form
Head to Head
Field Report
Player Analytics
Point table
Pitch Support
Total points 80

*Fill-up the fields above to make the button visible.

IPL Winner Odds | IPL 2020 Match Prediction, Online Cricket Betting Guide, and Betting Tips

The bettors always prefer to stay in a straight forward way when it comes to the matter of winner of the final match of a tournament. In a big tournament like IPL, punters will surely go totally plain way. The reason is this is a very interesting matter for a bettor. Here, we are supplying you with the odds of eight teams in IPL. If you’re a bettor and have a plan to put your money on betting, you can check out the table below –

Team Name 1xbet Betway
Mumbai Indians 5 5
Chennai Super Kings 6 6
Sunrisers Hyderabad 5 5.5
RCB 8 8
KKR 7.5 7.5
Capitals 7.5 7
KXIP 10 10
Royals 9 10

Now, you can bet in here – Betway,  1xBet


Furthermore, you can calculate the odds through the odds converter and see your profit from the table below –

Odds Converter & Stake profit calculator

Enter Value to calculate

American Odds:
Decimal Odds:
Fractional Odds:
Implied Probability:
Stake ($):

See your profit

To Win ($):
Payout ($):

IPL Match Prediction For Every Game

From the beginning to the end, we will cover the IPL tournament in the best possible way. Stakebd’s analysts and writers will do their best to serve the readers with the best match prediction, betting terms, and factors that will have a deep impact on the result of the IPL matches. From the overall team squad to past results, we are now writing down every possible note. After that, when the tournament begins, you will be able to learn almost every possible betting term like best batsman, best bowler, match winner, etc. from our assessment. Here, we are giving the links where you will find the IPL match prediction for IPL 2020 tournament.

Cricket Predictions

IPL 2020 Match Prediction, Online Cricket Betting Guide, and Betting Tips
IPL Match Prediction For Every Game

The Betting Tips For IPL 2020

Each of the IPL matches offers a huge number of betting options on the top online betting sites. We will supply betting tips for IPL 2020. Therefore, bettors will have a big chance to understand which betting terms will be suitable for you in the online betting market.

We offer betting tips for these markets in our match predictions –

  • Top Team Batsman – The top team batsman indicates which batsman in an IPL match could be the top batsman. For more info, click here –
    Learn more
  • Top Team Bowler – The top team bowler indicates which batsman in an IPL match could be the top bowler. For more info, click here
    Learn more
  • Player To Score Most Sixes –Player to score most sixes means which player in IPL can score the most sixes in a match. For more info, click here –
    Learn more
  • Player of The Match – Player of the match means which player in an IPL match contributes the best performance. For more info, click here –
    Learn more
  • A Hundred To Be Scored in The Match – A hundred to be scored in the match means whether a century will happen in an IPL match or not. For more info, click here –
    Learn more
  • A Fifty To Be Scored in The Match – A fifty to be scored in the match means whether a half-century will happen in an IPL match or not. For more info, click here –
    Learn more
  • Highest Individual Scores – Highest individual scores means which player or team can score the highest in an IPL match. For more info, click here –
    Learn more
  • To Win The Match – To win the match means which team has the capability to win an IPL match. For more info, click here – Learn more

Our teams are working closely to find out the batsmen’s ability to score runs in IPL’s T20 matches on the basis of previous IPL seasons. We are taking a different type of parameters for these such as strike rate, average, flexibilities in spin and attack, scoring boundaries, as well as strengths and weaknesses.


IPL 2020 Match Prediction, Online Cricket Betting Guide, and Betting Tips
The Betting Tips For IPL 2020

IPL 2020 Group Stage Prediction | IPL 2020 Match Prediction, Online Cricket Betting Guide, and Betting Tips

  • Mumbai Indians

Defending champions Mumbai Indians failed to advance from the group stage in their last two title defenses. However, they have the squad strength to set that record straight this season.

  • Chennai Super Kings

Although Mumbai won a title more than them, CSK is the most consistent team in IPL. They will surely reach the group stage again. Now, the question is which teams will be the other two?

  • Sunrisers Hyderabad

Sunrisers Hyderabad is among the favorite to reach in the play-off. They have an amazing batting quality with the batters like David Warner, Kane Williamson, Manish Pandya, etc. They have reached the play-off in the last four seasons of IPL. No wonder, they are favorite to reach at this time too.

  •  Royal Challengers Bangalore

RCB has enough squad strength to become the 4th team to get into playoff position. Virat Kohli’s team has players like Dale Steyn, Ab De Villiers, Aaron Finch, etc. They can surely thrive in the play-off.

  • Kolkata Knight Riders

KKR is also a favorite team to reach in the playoff. Although they are the least favorite but still the two-time champions have an admirable squad that definitely has the capability to reach in the playoff.

  • Delhi Capitals

Delhi Capitals managed to reach into the playoff in the last edition. They can also reach in the upcoming edition of IPL although the chances are very less.

  • Kings XI Punjab

The least successful team in the IPL tournament. There’s almost no possibility to reach in the playoff.

  • Rajasthan Royals

Although they have a strong English contingent, the champion of the first edition will probably be eliminated from the group stage.

IPL 2020 Play-Off Prediction

The play-off chapter will be a mesmerizing one. Most of the top teams recruited fresh and energetic players to fill up the squad.

Favorite Team

  • The current champions Mumbai Indians is the strongest candidate to lift IPL 2020’s trophy. It’s very much possible for them to win the back to back IPL trophy. They will surely do everything to become the champions for the fifth time. They are 5.5 to win with Betway.
  • Mumbai managed to retain its best players such as Rohit Sharma, De Kock, Hardik Pandya, Kieron Pollard and also bringing players like Sherfane Rutherford, Trent Boult, etc.
  • The superb captaincy of Rohit Sharma is a big reason for their success in the last season. The diminutive opener will most likely captain the team from the front again this year’s edition.


  • Chennai Super Kings is the second favorite. They are the most consistent team since the beginning of the IPL tournament. Although they have an aging squad, they can do magic and brings out a positive result for the team. Moreover, they are also 5.5 to win with Betway.
  • Sunrisers Hyderabad is also a front runner to win the trophy. They have a young energetic squad. Furthermore, they have charismatic players like Kane Williamson, David Warner, Rashid Khan, etc. They are also 5.5 to win with Betway.

Dark Horse

  • Indian captain Virat Kohli’s team Royal Challengers Bangalore been a very inconsistent team in IPL. But, they could be the dark horse in IPL 2020 tournament. As Virat Kohli is still in the captaincy role with Proteus legend Ab De Villiers along with the likes of Chris Morris, Aaron Finch, etc. they can be the surprise winner of IPL 2020.

Best IPL Betting Sites In 2020

The global interest in IPL is so high. This is such a popular tournament around the world. The most popular betting sites always offer various competitive betting markets for IPL. IPL 2020 won’t be different for sure. Here are some betting sites you can choose to bet on the upcoming IPL.

1xBet – Best Live Cricket Betting Site

There’s no denying that 1xBet is such a very popular cricket betting platform for cricket fans around the world. The main reason behind it 1xbet allows players from all around the world. So, it gives cricket fans an extra advantage and a better betting experience. When it comes to Live cricket betting, 1xbet is second to none.

If you’re seriously thinking about doing live betting on the upcoming IPL 2020, then you must consider betting on 1xbet. 1xbet is really something you can look at. Their Live betting system is such extraordinary and arousing. The Live betting system of 1xbet paves the way for Live betting on several matches at once.

1xbet is such an extraordinary platform for Live betting!

Moreover, 1xbet paves so many benefits for its users. There are so many amazing opportunities. You can bet on so many games and so many sports to bet on throughout the year. So, let’s get ready to step into the world of 1xbet if you want to Live bet on the upcoming IPL and enjoy the welcome bonus given by 1xbet.

Betway – Best IPL Tournament Betting Site

If we count on the overall IPL betting experience, then Betway is the best. Betway has tons of features like Live IPL betting, astounding cricket odds, etc. All in all, Betway is widely regarded as the best in the IPL betting business.

However, Betway is not only great in IPL, but they are also superior to other cricket betting sites. The reason is they always provide a supreme level of betting experience than other betting sites. Besides, they supply a lot of cricket matches to bet which is unmatchable to other cricket betting sites. Another thing is Betway is like a heaven for the Indian players due to the supplying IPL promotions on a daily basis that give players extra rewards.

So, if you want to taste the best IPL tournament betting experience, Betway is there for you!

Bet365 – Make IPL 2020 Betting With Free Live Streaming Facility

This is the world’s leading sports betting site. Bet365 offers a huge range of IPL betting options like betting odds, pre-match markets, and live in-play betting. The live streaming service, commentaries, etc. really makes Bet365 into one of the most popular betting sites.

The overall reputation and fame of Bet365 are widely acclaimed by the bettors. Thing is pretty much the same for cricket. Bet365 is surely one of the best in IPL tournament as it supplies the bettors an array of betting options with great odds.

How To Bet on IPL

Betting on IPL 2020 is not too much hard work at all. All you need to work in a smarter way to do this. However, at first, you need to find a suitable and perfect betting site for you. As we’ve already discussed above on the best betting sites, we think you have the proper idea which site will be the best for you. Moreover, you can earn more knowledge by visiting this article of Stakebd – Best Online Sports Betting Sites For Bonuses, Offers, and Rewards In 2020. Now, please check out the steps below and gain the knowledge on how to bet on IPL.

  • Sign Up With a Sportsbook

The first and foremost job for you before bet on IPL is to find a proper sportsbook for you and register with the sportsbook by creating an account. Most of the sportsbook supplies the benefits of free sign up. You should provide them the personal and professional information like your name, address, occupation, bank account, etc.

  • Deposit Your Account

After you’ve chosen a betting site and sign up on your preferred betting site, the next thing you’ve to do is to deposit in your account. After depositing money, your account will be activated perfectly. The reason is the depositing money will help you to place your bets. Furthermore, if you’re betting from places where betting is legal, then you can easily use a bank account, debit, or credit card to transfer your deposit. On the other hand, if you’re betting from places where betting isn’t legal, then we are recommending you to use e-wallets like Neteller or Skrill. The reason is Neteller and Skrill are the most dependable money transfer media.

Here, we are giving you articles on How to open a Neteller account in 2020 and How to open a Skrill account in 2020.

Now, you have to deposit the money on your account and transfer the funds through e-wallets like Neteller or Skrill.

  • Place Your Bets

As you’ve done the deposit, now you are totally ready to place your bet. To make this happen, log in to your account and select “Cricket” from the bunch of other sports options. When you will select cricket, then it will direct to you a page where you’ll find an array of cricket tournaments are displaying. You need to select your preferable tournament from a bunch of options. A list of all the bets along with their current odds will be shown when you select your preferable match/event. Clicking on a bet will then generate a bet slip where you will be adding the stake. Now, you need to click on the “confirmation” button. After clicking the confirmation button, congratulations! you just placed your bet and the betting amount will be cut from your account.

Before Choosing The IPL Betting Site, Better Check Some Important Points

As IPL 2020 is knocking at the door, most of the bettors and fans are waiting for the betting. Some of the bettors are new in the business. They should be aware before choosing a betting site. Here are some points they should remember before doing this –

       1. Safety and Security

As cricket related tournaments especially a big tournament like IPL 2020, you have to share all your personal and professional information with the betting site. So, make sure that all of your info will be safe and secured. The info like bank transaction, passport related info, financial matters, etc. things have to be secured and safe and these things are the top priority for everyone.

Now, check whether the licenses of your preferred betting site is valid or relevant. You have to check this very seriously. If the license is not valid, then your financial and other info will be in danger. For instance, Betway and Bet365 are regulated by the Maltese Gaming Authority and 1xbet regulated by BCLB.

       2. How Much Reputable

The overall reputation around the world has a big impact to determine whether an online betting site is trustable or not. The three sites above we mention – 1xbet, Betway, Bet365 – all of them are the famous and widely acclaimed betting site for online cricket betting.

      3. Experience In The Field

You have to prioritize the overall experience of a site in the cricket betting field. If any site is new in that field, you better skip it cuz you could face problems with that site.

     4. Availability of IPL Betting Markets

In a popular tournament like IPL, you’ll find an array of available betting markets. There will be a live betting, in-play betting, pre-match IPL 2020 betting markets, etc. Different types of betting markets will provide you a real taste of the IPL tournament. Here are some examples of the IPL betting markets –

  • To Win The Tournament

You bet on a team who has the major possibility to win the tournament according to you.

  • Top Team Batsman

You bet on who could be the best batsman from the team into consideration.

  • To Win The Match

You bet on a team who could win the match.

  • Top Team Bowler

You bet on who could be the best bowler from the team into consideration.

  • To Win The Toss

You bet on which team could win the toss before the match.

  • Fall of 1st Wicket

You bet on at which amount of runs the first wicket gonna fall.

  • Man of The Match

You bet on who will win the Man of The Match award by producing sublime performance.

Furthermore, there will be more IPL betting markets apart from these options.

    5. Availability of Great Odds

Make sure which website is paying the great odds. You can choose to display odds using either fractional, decimal or American odds views.

    6. In-Play Betting on IPL Matches

Always remember that live betting paves the way for various new markets in online cricket betting. As a result, betting becomes more and more fun as well as profitable. The betting markets like who will score the winner? Who will score the next six?, Who will take the next wicket? etc. things will surely give you more fun in the IPL tournament.

    7. Mobile Betting Feature

The best and friendly cricket betting app will offer you the easy-to-use mobile betting apps. Live streaming services such as Hotstar bringing you all the IPL 2020 matches. Therefore, there is no reason to miss out.

    8. Payment Methods

If you’re seriously thinking about to bet on IPL 2020 tournament, then we are recommending you to take care of your online betting account. It’s quite easy actually. Online bookmakers gonna offer a variety of payment methods such as bank account, debit/credit card. Besides, they will also offer e-wallet services like Neteller, Skrill, PaySafe, MuchBetter, E-Payz, Astropay, etc.

   9. Promotional Offers For IPL 2020 Tournament

Big tournaments like IPL always attract more promotional offers as well as online cricket betting bonuses. As a result, IPL 2020 will attract these features too and it will be more attractive for sure.

   10. Live Streaming

As IPL 2020 is such a popular tournament, top-notch websites will live stream the matches of IPL.

    11. 24/7 Customer Supports

This is a very important matter. The top bookmakers always care for their customers. They must ensure that they’re supplying top-level customer support all the time. They provide customer supports through live-chatting, direct phone, e-mail, and other possible ways.

If it’s difficult to reach them, then you’re wasting your time and it’s time you should change the ride for good.

IPL Betting Rules and Policies

All things are fall in line. Although worldwide bettors have their eyes on IPL betting, BCCI and the IPL Governing Council always tries their best to maintain the integrity of the tournament. The reason is to supply the best feelings to the spectators so that they can get the best taste of the IPL. The evil practices like corruption, racism, doping (performance-enhancing steroids), etc. things are strictly forbidden in IPL. Breaching the rules of IPL will follow severe punishment according to the BCCI and IPL committee.

Indian Premier League(IPL) 2020 Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Here, we are giving you the “Why” and “How” in the world of IPL 2020.

  • What is the best way to deposit for online cricket betting?

There are so many depositing options are available but we think Neteller is the best option among them.

  • What is the best cricket betting site to bet on IPL 2020?

The popularity of IPL is so high. As a result, there are so many betting sites that are interested in it. But, we think 1xBet, Betway, Bet365, etc. are the best in the business.

  • Which team has the strongest squad and bigger possibility to win IPL 2020?

Mumbai Indians undoubtedly. They have a very balanced and strong squad than any other team in IPL 2020 tournament.

  • Is online cricket betting legal?

It depends on the country to the country. There are some countries where online betting is legal while there are such countries where it’s illegal. It depends. You better check and research about your country.

  • Is online cricket betting safe?

You have to act smart on this criterion. At first, check the age and reputation of a betting site. The longer they age, it’s good for you. It’s not easy to earn a good reputation. You can read reviews too. However, you can trust the sites we provided above.

  • Will I get any kind of bonus during the IPL betting?

The best sportsbooks utilize tournaments such as the IPL to bring in new clients with a variety of enticing offers while this is dependent on your selection of bookmakers. This is a good time to get on board and boost your kitty using welcome bonuses or free bets if you are just starting out in cricket gambling.

  • Should I open my account on more than one website for IPL?

Yes, you can. It would be a smart approach. We are suggesting you open an account on at least two cricket betting sites. This is to make the most of the best sports betting rates offered for a given event.

  • What is the Difference Between Rates and Odds?

Both are the same thing actually. It’s just a matter of preference which you use.