Jimmy Neesham reveals New Zealand‘s winning strategy in a recent interview with the press. This 28 years old Kiwi player has had some of the best performances in his life in this world cup. Before the 2019 Cricket World Cup final match at Lords, He shared a lot about himself and his team.

Jimmy Neesham reveals New Zealand’s winning strategy

Cricket is a very challenging game and Jimmy acknowledges it well. It is really important in his opinion to get a little bit of perspective on what to focus on and how to get oneself trained up. Jimmy highly recommend all the sportsmen to see metal kill coach get better results in their performance.

Jimmy Neesham
Neesham after practice sessions at Lord’s

Jimmy abides by his motto to remain calm and strictly focus on the gameplay. For him its all about trying to be positive regardless of the situation. Moreover, he gives himself positive self-talk in between the sessions when things don’t go as planned. Neesham said he fell in love with the idea of playing perfectly from the very first match and till this day, he is sticking with it. However, he also remarks that the perfect innings doesn’t come so often.

When talking about their performance, he said that his team just stay in their own bubble. The media and critics may say different things about different games but in his opinion, in the end, these are all games. It’s still a bat and a ball and he affirms that they scout well and prepare themselves for opposition differently each game. This actually helped them in the long run.

This player surely knows that tomorrow’s game at lords is just not a game. It is much more than that. Millions of Kiwis dreams of winning a world cup is tied with it.