English Sensational pace bowler Jofra Archer almost killed Steven Smith yesterday at Lord’s. It was the fourth day of the second Ashes Test where the incident took place an hour into the session.

Jofra Archer almost killed Steven Smith

It was only a month ago, Jofra Archer smacked Alex Carey right on the chin with a bumper during the World Cup semi-final at the Edgbaston in Birmingham. The world cup heat is not still over yet and again Jofra made another hit. This time it is the former skipper of Australia cricket team Steven Smith. During the 77th over, Smith witnessed something deadly which no one would’ve dreamt of. It reminded us of Phil Hughes who collapsed the same way Smith did and died after being hit on the neck by the ball in 2014.

Steve was hit on the neck
Steve was hit by a 148 kph speed ball.

Australian Cricket Spokesman said Steve was hit on the neck below the left ear. He was assessed lying on the pitch at the instructions of team doctor Richard Saw. Dr. Saw made the precautionary decision to remove Steve from the field of play to have him further assessed under Cricket Australia’s head impact protocol. Steve then passed his assessments and will now be monitored on an ongoing basis, as is routine.

However,  Smith came to batting again less than an hour after he had retired hurt. He protested that he needed to be given the chance to make a century at the home of cricket. Nonetheless, he failed to do so and returned to the pavilion after scoring 92 runs from 161 balls.

In a nutshell, it can be said that cricket can be a really dangerous game sometimes. Although the players wear protective gear always, sometimes it becomes impossible to dodge the fate which is inevitable to all of us.