1st April 2019, the T20 cricket match of Indian Premier League 2019Kings XI Punjab is going to face the Delhi Capitals. The game will be played in Mohali.  Here is the Kings XI Punjab vs Delhi Capitals, IPL 2019, 13th match prediction. T20 match will start from 14:30  GMT / 08:00 PM BDT.

Kings XI Punjab vs Delhi Capitals, IPL 2019 – 13th Match – Prediction:

Kings XI Punjab
Delhi Capitals



Kings XI Punjab vs Delhi Capitals Match Prediction
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Kings XI Punjab 73%
Delhi Capitals 27%

Kings XI Punjab can be the winner.

Kings XI Punjab won 2 out of 3 matches.

Delhi Capitals won 2 out of 3 matches.

Kings XI Punjab –  4 points.

Delhi Capitals –  4 points.

Kings XI Punjab and Delhi Capitals, both teams have the same points in the Indian Premier League 2019.

Kings XI Punjab is playing at their home ground and they had won all their three matches here last year.

Kings XI Punjab is going to take the full advantages of their home ground.

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Most match sixes
Team to make the highest 1st 6 overs the score
Highest opening partnership

Venue: IS Bindra Stadium, Mohali.

punjab cricket association is bindra stadium

Kings XI Punjab Squad Overview

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