Before the start of the ICC World Cup 2019, very few thought about it. But, New Zealand proved doubters wrong. They defy every hurdle and finally reached their final destination. Kiwis are the team who doesn’t play together since February, needed too much sparkle to flourish. They got their way and we have to say, they really earned it.

New Zealand is determined to disregard the obstacles by keeping their personality

Just a fortnight ago, nobody counted Kane Williamson‘s side to go through to final. Even some people wanted to see Pakistan in place of them in the semi-final due to their lackluster performance in the last phase of the round-robin stage.  They were surrendered badly in front of their Talisman neighbor Australia. Sadly, this is Aaron Finch‘s team who will not at Lord’s, London.

New Zealand's ideology is simplistic yet effective
New Zealand’s ideology is simplistic yet effective

Kiwis head coach Gary Stead also told about NZ overall journey in a single line –

You don’t have to play perfect cricket always. You just need to do your thing perfectly.

The entire cricket world was criticized their approach and overall batting style against India on the first day of the semi-final. The ”Captain Cool” of Black Caps Kane Williamson gave hope his troops and said not to back off. They just had a simple message ”we wouldn’t want this any other way”. Things worked perfectly.

This is a team who have risen to the number two in Test cricket. They are extremely together and comfortable in their own style. They don’t fear anything. Funny thing is we are at final and neither finalists have won this trophy

Stead’s usual remarks before the crunch game.

The most weaker point is their experienced opener, Martin Guptill. He was one of the brightest players of 2015 World Cup but he seems a shadow of his former self. The whole squad is rallying behind him. Martin needs to get back his form if Black Caps wants to clinch the final triumph.

The big moment is around. NZ has nothing to fear as they broke every obstacle and won those. Will they find a way to topple the powerful host? They can utilize their smarter version of cricket and their spectacle calmness can do anything. Nothing seems impossible for them at this moment and if they can, it will surely be one of the greatest moment for their nation.