Many people are crying out loud that the exclusion of two heavyweights will fade the temptation of the World Cup. The reason is they both have a huge fan-base and the endurance of them also helps the commercial sector of ICC World Cup 2019. But, to be honest, the exclusion of India and Australia is a blessing for the World Cup and it was very much needed to happen.

The exclusion of India and Australia is a blessing for the World Cup: ICC CWC 2019 IND & AUS

Out of the 4 teams of the semi-final, Australia and India were much more liability. They don’t need to win this tournament. Yes, their fans would be satisfied if they won it. But, it would do no good for cricket at all. The exclusion of both India and Australia is a huge blessing for the World Cup.

If we look closely at Australia, they have already won the tournament for five-times. Yes, five-times! Do they really need to win another? Let’s give other teams a chance! Most of the cricket fans are getting bored to watch them clinching the trophy over and over.

India has a huge fan-base in cricket. Many fans of them can argue they could rival Australia’s 5 if they could’ve won it. But, the truth is that they are only 3 teams in World Cup history who won it more than once. Moreover, cricket in India will always have an attraction between the mass people. It will never lose its appeal. Cricket is in vain of Indian people.

Indian team touted as hot favorite to win the WC
Indian team touted as hot favorite to win the WC

It will be utterly refreshing to see two new teams will fight for the trophy after a long time.

England is the birth country of cricket. However, they always failed in a big tournament and that’s the reason cricket never got any appreciation among English people. The popularity of football, especially the Premier League is one of the big reasons for this situation. England is also inconsistent in historic Ashes series Vs Australia. This is the best time they can prove the doubters wrong and twinkled the mind of English people with their performance.

New Zealand never touted as too much favorite due to their lacks of appeal in the world stage. However, they managed to lift themselves in two consecutive finals of the World Cup. Rugby and Football already overtake the popularity of cricket in there. They have a chance to turn back the attention to them by lifting the trophy on Sunday at Lord’s, London.

The new era begins in cricket. Cricket actually needed it very much to sparkle its flavors. Whoever wins the trophy whether it NZ or England, it will do a massive favor to this sport. That’s the thing this beautiful game missing so much.